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How Much Does It Bother You?

Posted by jake45128 - 1 month ago

Happy late Madness Day! Okay now that that's covered onto some heavier stuff.

I'm in a daze wondering how everyone copes with their mental illnesses. I may not seem that bothered by mine, or perhaps I do, but mine is crippling and something that I just can not seem to overcome. With a plethora of drawbacks, I'd say larger than most, this is a hill I can not even attempt to climb anymore. I know I am not popular here, but I still frequent the NG chat on occasion for them to bestow upon me some wisdom. Funnily enough I come here to talk to smart people, not that I am one of them. I am just really curious how everyone else deals with their shit and how I can't seem to deal with mine. I've taken many breaks from everything under the bright and cheery sun, in an attempt to find a way to deal with this mess that is my life, yet I never come even halfway on top. It's not the prettiest thing to see, some bloke complaining, but fuck I have tried everything. It seems a better me is not humanly possible, much to the dismay of me and others. This is something I have been dealing with for about 6 years or so, it ain't new and it sure as hell is not being managed at all. I am going crazy. Anxiety and depression seem like both a common and easy task to overcome, but that combined with other parts of me is hell on Earth. The Jake that frequented Ng about 8 years or so ago is dead! Dead I say. The one that took his place is a different kind of dead and maybe not that much of an important asset to lose, but hey, what can ye do? Now I've been trying to maintain a respectful tone in all of this, but I am really at my wits end. What in the absolute hell do I do, and what have you all done to combat yours?

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There's no formula or method.

Every mind is different, specially regarding the subjective value we add to the experiences we have, which more often than not, it's the main reason why it's hard to deal with everything ; Mental illness it's no exception to this.

On my experience, the factors that contributed to keep it at bay (that stuff never goes away completely) was a combination of psychiatric meds, ancient philosophy and learning how to evaluate and counter the inherent subjective aspect of thoughts.
Trying to see what things are, regardless of how do I perceive them.
Last but not least, try your best to accept your condition.
There is no understanding of one self without acceptance of one self.

Not gonna lie, it's not an easy task. Took years of discipline, but paid off.